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Vaccinations for Fiji

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Fiji is an island paradise tourist destination for Australians, and every year hundreds of thousands make holiday plans to visit. Because so many Australians visit each year and because Fiji is a different climate and environment it is important to get properly vaccinated and to minimise the risk of infectious diseases or illnesses spreading in Fiji or when you arrive back home.

This page contains vaccination advice for travel to Fiji, but it should be considered general advice only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, as you would get during your appointment with the Travel Vaccination Clinic. Book an appointment today or call (02) 9231 2964 to discuss your upcoming trip to Fiji and any vaccinations or health issues that should be covered. The doctors at the Travel Vaccination Clinic can give you advice that is tailored to your own health history and your travels plans, and recommend a suitable course of action.

What vaccinations are needed for travel to Fiji?

There are various food and water-borne illnesses that can be passed on to you if you are travelling in Fiji, as well as diseases including hepatitis. For this reason it is recommended to at least consider the following vaccinations before you travel. When you are vaccinated properly you can enjoy your time in Fiji, and be involved in the local culture knowing that the risk of contracting a serious preventable illness is as low as possible.

Typhoid and hepatitis A in Fiji

Typhoid, also known as typhoid fever, can be passed on through contaminated food or water, and outbreaks have been known to occur in Fiji in recent years. It is extremely important to get vaccinated before any outbreak occurs, because at the time of an outbreak it may be too late for the vaccine to take hold. The typhoid vaccine can be given in a single shot, together with the hepatitis A vaccine and lasts a number of years once given.

Hepatitis A is a liver disease that can be transmitted through food and water where bacteria from the feces of an infected person may pass to another person. This would usually be in unsanitary conditions, where proper hand washing is not practiced, or through sexual contact. It can also happen where vegetables, fruits or seafood have been harvested, washed or treated in contaminated water though. There is not an elevated risk of hepatitis A in Fiji, however hepatitis A is one of the most common preventable diseases contracted throughout the world, so vaccination is generally advised.

It is also generally advised to get the vaccine against typhoid and hepatitis A in one because there is still a chance that it can be transmitted – especially to those who eat local seafood and produce, and do not confine themselves to large hotels or cruise ships while in Fiji. The Travel Vaccination Clinic doctor can let you know whether this vaccine is suitable and provide it during your consultation.

The joint vaccine lasts a number of years once given, so can also protect you during future travels and help reduce the risk of spread of typhoid and/or hepatitis A.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is another liver disease that can be passed from person to person, but via contact of bodily fluids. This means that anyone planning to get a tattoo or piercing while in Fiji, or carry on a sexual relationship, should seriously consider getting vaccinated. For further general information on hepatitis B, you should visit the hepatitis B page before making your appointment.

You may also be recommended the hepatitis B vaccine if you do not intend to do any of the activities listed above while there, so it is worth speaking to the doctor about all of your travel plans and your general health before deciding whether to get it. Contact the Travel Vaccination Clinic to make an appointment and discuss your needs.

Is there a risk of contracting yellow fever in Fiji?

There is no indication of Yellow Fever in Fiji, and if you arrive in Fiji within 10 days of having visited a country with a risk of yellow fever you may be required to produce proof of vaccination. For more information, ask the doctor during your appointment and read the yellow fever vaccination page.

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