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Vaccinations for South America

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South America is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, including for Australians and those leaving from Australia. Depending on where you plan to visit in South America, what you plan on doing while you are there and how long you plan to stay, different vaccinations and travel advice may be given by the doctors at the Travel Vaccination Clinic.

General Advice Warning

Any information on this page and throughout this website is general advice only and is not considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Information on this page does not take into account your individual circumstances, your health history or travel plans.

To get professional, tailored advice you should contact the Travel Vaccination Clinic today. Make an appointment to speak with a doctor about your travel plans or call (02) 9231 2964. You can use any information that you read on this website to start a conversation with the doctor about what vaccinations you think you might need or to raise any concerns with the doctor, who will give up to date, professional advice.

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What vaccinations are recommended for travelling in South America?

Apart from ensuring that you are up to date with the childhood immunisation schedule, there are a number of vaccinations that may be recommended when you see the Travel Vaccination Clinic doctor before your visit. This could include vaccinations for hepatitis (A or B mostly) and/or typhoid, medication against malaria and advice, vaccinations for yellow fever and in some cases rabies.

Other diseases or sicknesses that you may encounter while travelling through South America could include water-borne diseases such as Cholera, and altitude sickness. You should check the country specific pages above for further information and details on where you plan on visiting while in South America.

The Travel Vaccination Clinic can answer any questions you might have about travelling to South America and provide any vaccines you might need, so make an appointment to speak to a qualified clinic doctor to discuss your plans.

When should you see the doctor about vaccinations for South America?

Some vaccines may need to be given over a series of 3-4 shots, or may need to be given a few weeks in advance before they take effect, so it is important to see the doctor more than one month before you intend to travel, and preferably around two months before you intend to travel.

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