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Malaria is a mosquito transmitted viral illness and delay in treatment may cause death. Fortunately, this illness can be prevented.

Malaria occurs most commonly in sub-Saharan Africa but also occurs in eastern of India and close to Australia-in the Pacific countries of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands ( Vanuata) which is a popular scuba diving destination. Travellers to some rural areas in Southeast Asia for more than 3 months are also at risk.

A recent Australian report found that more than 600 cases of imported malaria are reported each year and that 1.5 travellers per 1000 Australian travellers develop malaria. Our Doctor will explain the choice of chemoprophylaxis which commonly involves 3 different drugs with different side effects and differing costs. It is very important that you complete the full course of malaria pills. In some areas of low malaria risk the risk to travellers from drug side effects can be higher than the risk from malaria itself.

Because malaria pills are only 90% effective our Doctor will advise you on other preventative measures you must take.

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